I’ve been waiting for today for weeks! My Naked palettes are some of my desert island products, I use them every day and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of a fourth.

When I first heard that the next palette would have a smoky theme, I was a little disappointed. I abused the Jersey Shore style smokey eye as a teenager, around the time of my platinum and black panels hair phase (I’m sorry, gods of hair decency). I love the first 3 Naked Palettes because they’re so versatile, I wasn’t sure where a smoky palette would fit into my daily make up collection.

Having seen more about it since and now tried it, I’m pleased to say that my original concerns were not warranted. Whilst it features a darker palette, it’s still very neutral and I’m looking forward to seeing what looks I can create with it.

IMG_1740 copy

I love the packaging of this palette, it’s possibly my favourite yet.


At first glance, the shades I was most excited about were: Password, Dagger, Black Market and Slanted.

After swatching, some of the matt dark shades seemed to be quite similar and have less colour payoff than the shimmery nuder shades. I’ll be interested to try them on the eye and see if this is the case. I’m also now looking forward to trying a purple and black smoky eye with Smolder.

Are you planning on getting the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette? Or have you used it already? What did you think?