If I had to pick my favourite face mask, Glamglow’s mud mask would be a serious contender. It had been on my wishlist for a while having read and heard great things about it. I picked it up recently and really loved it.

It’s vegan and free from parabens and sulphates. Made with natural ingredients including volcanic minerals and rock, which I love, it’s crammed full of good stuff but really effective.

The mask dries quickly feeling very tight and when exfoliated off, takes with it all the dry skin and impurities, leaving soft, smooth and glowing skin.

I’ve been using this mask twice a week as I’ve had a bought of bad skin and find it helps calm the appearance of marks left by spots and redness.

glamglow youthmud face mask

I found Bodyshop’s Seaweed Ionic Clay mask had some similar properties, but dries the skin a lot more so I would only suggest using that every now and again. I love that this mask can be used regularly without drying the skin, whilst being really effective. My skin feels a lot softer after a couple of uses.

What’s your favourite mud face mask?