It’s impossible to visit my local Cardiff Lush store without coming home with something, out of hours or otherwise, so naturally I had to pick up a few things at the #lushwinter2015 blogger event.

We were given a little blogger treat in the form of a bag of goodies, which was lovely. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside!

When I discovered Snow Fairy now comes (self preserving) in a 1kg bottle, I had to stock up.

And being shown the dusting powder by Lush expert Aimee, I fell in love and figured you can never have too much Snow Fairy scented stuff in your life.

The salted caramel scrub was another product we were shown during our shop tour and quite different from any of the other Lush products I’ve tried before. It smells amazing, kind of like marzipan and the exfoliating texture leaves hands feeling super soft.

I swear by Lush’s Dream Cream but hadn’t ventured much further than that in terms of their body products, so was excited to try Christingle, an extremely minty body cream which is really moisturising. It tingles on the skin and absorbs quickly so is perfect for putting on in the morning.

The last product I tried at the event was this body scrub bar, which has a really unique scent and despite being full of rock salt, isn’t harsh at all and left the skin feeling really soft after exfoliating with it.

Our blogger bags contained three treats, two bath bombs and a soap.

The soap was Old Father Time and I’m obsessed with this scent! It’s the epitome of Christmas and when the decorations go up, I’ll be putting this out.

We were also given Golden Wonder, a huge festive bath bomb with a citrus scent. I think I’ll save this one until Christmas eve to use once I’ve finished wrapping presents.

The last treat in the bag was Yog Nog, a Christmas bathbomb with a sweet and spicy scent, which reminds me of my favourite Starbucks red cup drink, the egg nog latte.

It wouldn’t be a Lush Christmas haul without some more Snow Fairy, so I picked up another fairy wand.

I think I’m now set for Christmas (and the year ahead if we’re talking Snow Fairy), I can’t wait to use these products in the run up to the holidays.

Have you tried any of the Lush Winter products?