After my major London Lush haul, picking a bath bomb to use became a bit of a mammoth task – with so many new exclusives, I was spoiled for choice.

One of the first I tried out was Frozen (let it gooooooooo, let it goooooooo) and despite since having given almost all the Oxford St exclusives a whirl, it remains my favourite bath bomb, of all time.

It features grapefruit and neroli oil, giving it a really fresh scent which remains in the bathroom and on your skin after the bath. It’s jam packed with lustre (Lush’s extremely fine and non plughole blocking glittery stuff), making the bright blue water shimmer more than any other Lush product I had seen prior to the new Oxford st exclusives.

Despite not having any oils, it’s really moisturising and the white foam leaves skin feeling silky. Like Twilight, the bath bomb fizzes and moves around the bath for a good ten minutes, living up to it’s namesake and making the bath look like something from Elsa’s castle.

I really hope they add this to the permanent product line so it’s available closer to home.


Have you tried Frozen or any of the Lush Oxford St exclusives? What did you think?