Blogtober / Lush Halloween 2016 Haul

Bath & Shower

If I’m honest last year’s Halloween offering from Lush left me feeling slightly disappointed. It was grouped with the Winter collection which was considerably larger and featured only a handful of products. I’m still scared by the frustration of trying to shower using that jelly bat thing, which would come flying out of your grip every 30 seconds and stained everything it touched purple.

That year Lush Oxford St had opened and the focus seemed to be on the Summer launch which featured lots of new products, my guess being that Halloween and other smaller holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day had fewer products because of this.

2016 so far has been comparatively quieter for Lush, with no big Summer launches. I’ve been eagerly awaiting news of the Winter launches, hoping for something new and so was excited to get a glimpse of what was coming during the big Lush Creative Showcase event. A week or so later Halloween items launched in-store, having a small headstart before the Winter ones follow.

Picking My Own Pumpkin

The Veggie Edit

I’ve always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and pick my own pumpkin like you see on American films and TV, so internally jumped for joy when I saw that Hendrewennol -our local pick-your-own fruit farm- would be having pumpkins this year. The majority of our renovation work is going on throughout October and I’ll be completely without a kitchen for weeks, so I decided to do a little pumpkin cooking in September.

My Wedding - The Ceremony

My Wedding

It took about 20 minutes to walk from the car to the glacier edge, along a rough path. Everyone who passed us noticed us -unsurprisingly- and we heard what I assume were congratulations in many different languages.

I was so completely panicked with anxiety that I considered asking for a few moments before it began, to calm myself. It was all unfolding in-front of me though and this was the moment I had dreamed about for the past year, there was no way I could stop and risk ruining the moment of walking down the aisle (or in our case, sliding down a bit of volcanic rock covered glacial ice as gracefully as possible with three people in tow).

Giving Up Diet Coke


Before I begin, this isn’t going to be a post telling everyone why they should give up Diet Coke and how bad it is for you. I’ve been subjected to that rant on a number of occasions and think the delivery of that message is probably why I’ve almost defended my Diet Coke addiction so many times to family and friends.

This is more a story of what my experience of giving up aspartame has been like so far and why I decided to sack it off in the first place.

Kitchen Renovation Inspo


After seemingly months of planning our kitchen renovation is finally underway and I’m beyond excited, albeit slightly less excited about the month of chaos and trying to cook without a working kitchen.

We had a good idea of what we wanted but as always, I turned to Pinterest for examples and inspiration. These are some of the Pins I’ve found along the way which best show the style we’ve chosen.

Review / Bodyshop Vitamin A Range


This was going to be more of a first impressions post but as I’ve been using these products for over a month and some of them have run out, I’ll be reviewing them instead (read: I’m behind).

I like the Bodyshop when it comes to affordable skincare but have found it’s hit or miss as to wether something will suit my skin so I’m always a bit wary. My all time favourite is the seaweed range which I repurchase frequently, but after reading lots of positive reviews on blogs I decided to branch out and give the Vitamin A products a go.

Vitamin A is a popular skincare ingredient due to it’s ability to help repair and protect skin from premature ageing, sun damage and other environmental factors.

Cat Proofing Our Garden With Katzecure


Despite my blog name, the cats scarcely get a mention on my blog. I’m aware this post is quite specific and so won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s something we’ve put a lot of work into and I often wished I could have read other’s experiences whilst we were going through the process.

People have varying opinions on wether to keep cats inside or not. The benefits are that they’re safer from hazards like the road or theft, but are also unable to damage other gardens or kill wildlife. The obvious downside is that cats belong outside and wouldn’t have access to a natural place to play and do cat things like sharpen their claws.

Personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping a cat inside, but have lost many cats throughout my life to the road and worry endlessly about all of the above. I first heard about Katzecure when a friend had it installed in her garden. I had heard about cat proofing for gardens before but they are usually made from deer fencing and make the garden look like a prison. Katzecure stood out for miles because not only did it keep cats contained in a way which was safe to them, but it looked really sympathetic to the garden … And it actually works (well, eventually).

My Wedding - Getting Ready

My Wedding

Managed to publish my last wedding post about our flowers & cars in the wrong order … Doh. Rewind back to before the cars & flowers, I didn’t rock up in my underwear.

We wanted to stay somewhere extra special during our wedding, where we could have our wedding breakfast -why is it called breakfast when you eat it in the afternoon or evening?- and get ready feeling weddingy (that’s totally a word). Iceland is all about adventure and the outdoors so the hotels are normally very much just a place to crash, that’s not to say they’re not nice and seriously cosy, just that they’re not what I associate with a typical wedding hotel. We hunted about a bit and found the perfect place -Grimsborgir- which was actually opposite the cabin we stayed in the Christmas before, in ├×ingvellir national park.

My Garden


My idea about sharing ‘life lately’ posts didn’t really work. If I do them too often, it would be boring; Work and house stuff * 2348234234 … But if I leave them few and far between as I have been, there’s too much to fit into one post. I think from now on I’ll just post about things I’ve been up to if I feel like it, although if you want a more realtime account (spoiler alert: It’s not particularly exciting) of what I’m up to you can follow me on Snapchat.

We’re doing a lot of work on our home currently and decided to make some changes to the outside too. In addition to decking parts of the garden we’ve built raised beds on our lawn for plants. The past few weekends we’ve been putting the garden off as the weather has either been rubbish or so nice we decided to sack it off and escape to the beach, so this weekend despite the rain we had to get on with it. I took my camera out with me to document what we did and the garden at this time of year.