5 Ways I've Improved How I Do My Makeup


The pressure of doing my own wedding makeup combined with blogging allowing me to indulge my love of makeup more than ever has meant that I’ve seen a good improvement this year in how I apply my makeup. Wether it looks better is entirely subjective and probably depends on the day -as I write this I’m sat in my PJs with no makeup on at all- but I think I’m committing less makeup don’ts and more do’s now.

On an aside, I’ll tell you what I haven’t got any better at and that’s taking photos of my makeup. I think this is the expression I have if I’m trying to do mental arithmetic. I’ve not yet mastered how to take photos of makeup without looking completely vacant and feeling incredibly vain and pretty ridiculous … But I digress.

My Wedding - Arriving In Iceland

My Wedding

After almost a year and planning TWO weddings, I couldn’t believe it was finally time to go and get my dress, finish work for a while and go to Iceland. I picked my dress up the night before and the girls who made the alterations and pressed it for me carefully folded it into a suitcase with lots of crete paper.

We had four suitcases between us and full hand luggage. In addition to everything we needed for two weeks away from home, we had our wedding clothes, travel friendly cake and all the decorations we needed for the tables. I knew us getting married was the only thing which mattered but I desperately hoped my dress would get there in one piece (I’m not sure my subtle fragile tape was obvious enough).

My Wedding - The Cake

My Wedding

It’s been 3 months since our wedding but it feels like ages ago. You wait for it for a year and then before you know it the day is finished and it’s just a memory, albeit a great one. I didn’t write much about my wedding prior to it, because it was difficult not to give anything away but I thought it would be fun to write about it in more detail over a series of posts.

Our cake(s) were made by Choccywoccydohdah and I wrote a bit about the process in an earlier post. When we completely changed our plans and eloped, we had to solve several problems, including how we would get this wedding cake to Iceland. We spoke to all the airlines, airport security and freight companies but as soon as I saw it finished I realised that would have been a complete nightmare. The cake was so stunning and detailed, trying to lug that across the Atlantic with us would have made me a nervous wreck.

The weekend before we were due to fly out, we drove to Brighton to collect our cakes. We carefully packaged the small one to come to Iceland and had the big one with our family, it felt so wrong cutting it but that moment really did mark the start of our wedding adventure.

My Iceland Honeymoon - Part 3

My Wedding, Travel Diary

I go through phases of wanting to write about certain topics and at the moment it’s travel, probably because we just booked our next adventure and it feels like a million years away, so getting nostalgic about my honeymoon is helping.

After our mini road trip to the South East, we stayed local for a few days and just enjoyed lounging around in geothermally heated hot tubs and pools. We’re normally always on the go so this trip felt really laid back for us, although I think this would still be considered not enough relaxing on honeymoon by some. Different strokes!

Covering Up My Tattoo


For almost a decade I’ve been moaning about my tattoo, a wonky shooting star in the worst shade of magenta you can imagine, which had absolutely no meaning whatsoever to me and looked as though it was done in prison with a biro.

This year I finally decided I would do something about it and get it covered up. I knew I wanted a kawaii / Disney style so enlisted my friend Kayleigh -a tattoo veteran- to help find the perfect artist. I was more than willing to travel as I couldn’t afford to get this wrong a second time but as luck would have it Ali, a Disney loving tattoo artist with a portfolio full of exactly the style I was looking for, worked in a town an hour or so away from us.

My Iceland Honeymoon - Part 2

My Wedding, Travel Diary

A few days after the wedding, we had finally caught up on sleep and I felt human again. We didn’t have any fixed plans but decided to get in the car and drive from where we were in Þingvellir national park along route 1. Route 1 is the ring road which takes you around the entire island and through some insane scenery. To drive from Reykjavik to the South East corner of the island takes about 5 hours, but takes you past famous waterfalls and eventually glaciers and the glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón. The glacier lagoon is one of my absolutely favourite places on the planet, after we visited the Summer before. When we spent Christmas in Iceland with my family and I really wanted to take them there but blizzards meant we got about half way on the icy road before having to admit defeat and turn back.

We both wanted to go again but weren’t sure if we could face the drive, so decided to just get in the car and see where we ended up.