NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick


NYX have been flying the flag for high-end quality in a drugstore -that sounds so American … High street? Well priced? Budget?- brand and after my recent lip product haul, I was excited to finally try the Lingerie liquid matte lipsticks. I’ve read pretty much nothing but positive reviews and thought they would be my next favourite matte liquid lip but sadly I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed with the Lingerie formula.

Summer Claws Fit For A Queen With Truebrit London

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I feel we’ve got to know each other quite well, so now is probably a good point to confess my secret love of all things royal. I’m not joking, I have a minor obsession.

The royal wedding was like a dream for me. Three of my favourite things: Kate Middleton, Alexander McQueen and weddings (Well, back when they were a mythical thing and not something I actually had to plan myself) combined … I shed a tear. If I could, I swear I would be one of those old people camping out for days outside the hospital with the little British flags when the Prince and Princesses are born. Despite living just over the bridge and having been to London countless times over the course of my life for work and fun, last year I dragged A to London to do the whole tourist thing and we went to see the crown jewels and palace. I’ve since developed a strong desire to carry a scepter and get a pet raven, but I digress.

Imagine my excitement when I receive these gorgeous boxes in the post from Truebrit London *, a quintessentially British brand who are striving to set new standards of luxury for your claws.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss


I promised myself I would be good today and walk straight past all the makeup counters I have to weave through on my way to my meeting but alas … I have zero willpower.

NYX are my favourite drugstore / budget brand and I’ve had a heap of their lip products on my wishlist for ages, but have held off from buying online as the shades are so similar to one another.

As NYX have opened a stand in Boots, I finally picked up some of the products I’ve been eyeing for a while, including two of the Intense Butter Glosses. I had heard mixed reviews, but was pleasantly surprised by the formula when swatching in store and so decided to take a punt on them.

Currently Trialling - Pestle & Mortar Hydrate


This product has been on my radar for a while and I actually intended to buy it when my current moisturiser ran out, but I was beaten to the post and sent it to review.

I think this was by far my most eagerly anticipated blog delivery to date, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it having heard such good things and fallen completely in love with Pestle & Mortar’s famous HA serum which I use every day. My beloved Blue Lagoon Iceland moisturiser -which for any new readers was something I tried two years ago and have been religiously restocking ever since, you can read my review of it here– ran out and I decided it was time to branch out and see if this new offering from Pestle & Mortar could live up to my expectations.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit In Gleam


Sorry things have been a bit quiet, I have a load of products I want to write about but it’s been a completely rubbish week. As you might have seen on my social channels, Bella, one of our cats died this week and whilst I know that’s the heart wrenching nature of having pets, it still sucks massively.

In an attempt to distract myself, I thought I would interrupt my planned schedule to rave about one of my holy grail products, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit which I have in Gleam.