Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette


How is everyone?! It feels like forever since I went away and I have to admit returning to work and general post-wedding normal life this week has been killer. Despite feeling like I could sleep for a week straight, I’ve had uncharacteristically colourful make-up all week (my name’s Amy and I’m addicted to nudes) and I have to admit I’m feeling it.

As soon as I saw this palette announced I fell in love with it, but I initially worried it wouldn’t get enough use as the shades are so bright. When I saw and swatched it at the Urban Decay counter I got excited about it again and lucky me ended up with it as a gift from my husband (that still looks so strange written down!).

Our Magical Icelandic Wedding

My Wedding

So I arrive home today from my honeymoon and am still pretty much on cloud nine after the wedding. I’m not sure how to return to normal life where I don’t get to wear my dress, where I don’t get to eat narwhal cake for breakfast and where rainbows don’t just appear behind me in photos … But I figured checking in with my little blog would be a good distraction.

As promised I’ve picked a few photos -which wasn’t easy as I love them all- to share.