Why I Love Iceland

Travel Diary

I’ll start this post with a no make-up / iceberg selfie. Something you should know about me, I’m all or nothing when it comes to make-up … I either have a full face or go fully feral. When traveling, I’m 95% of the time no make-up … Ain’t nobody got time for that.

After sharing my Norway posts, I wanted to try and get my Iceland trips on my blog because my obsessive brain couldn’t handle posting my new Iceland photos and them all being in the wrong order. I’ve visited twice in Winter and stayed for New Year’s Eve, then came back in the Summer and drove 2000 miles around the perimeter of the island.

I mulled over this for a few weeks and concluded that blogging about each thing we had done across our three trips there would take about 16 posts and be super photo heavy … There was just no way. Instead I decided I would pick my all time favourite moments from all our time in Iceland and share them. In no time at all I’ll be on my way back there for the fourth time to get married; The amazing times we’ve spent in this stunning country are a big part of why it’s the perfect place for us to wed.

Accessorising With Rose Gold & jewellerybox.co.uk


Since I’ve been wearing an engagement ring I’ve had a hard time accessorising as my other rings and bangles -which tended to be gold- didn’t look right with the white gold. I began wearing a little bit of rose gold on my other hand and loved it, but finding the right accessories has been difficult as there’s never a huge selection of rose gold in the shops.

Enter jewellerybox.co.uk who kindly put together a perfect set for me, featuring delicate rose gold pieces with cute symbols.

Norway - 20 Hours Of Darkness.

Travel Diary

Whilst the scenery of Tromsø was jaw dropping, I had assumed -wrongly- that we could spend all our time there walking and exploring. For a start, the mountains were not easily hiked on and whilst there were hiking paths, the cold and limited day light meant it would be pretty dangerous to take off on a long walk as we weren’t prepared for it. When it got dark, it was pitch black so wondering around outside wasn’t advisable and our hotel had literally no facilities, not even a restaurant.

This left us with more darkness per day than light and a lot of time on our hands. Northern Lights optimal viewing time was in the night, so we spent the afternoon and evening exploring Tromsø town. We only had one meal out, an average curry which cost £90 due to it being so expensive in Norway. We had to find other things to fill our time, one of my favourites being Polaria, the world’s most Northerly aquarium.

Designing My Cake With Choccywoccydoodah

My Wedding

Hands down, the best bit of planning a wedding for us has been designing our cake. We knew instantly we wanted Choccywoccydoodah to do it and traveled up to London pretty quickly to meet with our bespoke consultant Beth.

Now obviously things have changed a little since then, our woodland themed UK wedding is no more and we’re flying to Iceland instead, which has meant we got to work on three cake designs with two of Choccywoccydoodah’s talented and imaginative team.

I’ve loved every second of it, it’s the only aspect of wedding planning I will miss and I am counting down the days until I get to go to Brighton and see our cakes.

It’s been a bit of an adventure, so I wanted to blog about it before sharing a few snaps of our beautiful cakes after the wedding. Eek, I’m so excited!