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Why is it you can be tired all day but the minute you hit the pillow, night brain decides to kick in and suddenly you’re thinking of all the things? During one of these irritating episodes recently I found myself browsing Twitter -I know, blue light, not promoting sleep etc- and decided to run a little poll to find out what people thought about me posting more lifestyle stuff again. The other sleep deprived Tweeters online at the time voted in favour of this and so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post an update every once in a while.

The Natural Hair Edit

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I’m currently taking a short break from wearing extensions and whilst I’m counting down the days until my next appointment, there are some undeniable silver linings to this short, boring and devoid of volume hair cloud.

Besides the fact it doesn’t take seven-hundred hours to blow dry my hair at the moment, I’m also loving being able to reach for my oils and sprays which are completely incompatible with keratin bond extensions.

I thought that whilst taking this hair hiatus it would be good to post about some of the high street hair products for natural hair I love.