My current favourite nude lipsticks


I really love a nude lip. I dread to think how many nude lip products I’ve bought over the years, it’s like an addiction. Since I was 17 I’ve had a tube of MAC’s C-thru on the go, I wish there was a way of knowing how many I had purchased over the years, but on the basis that I use about 4 – 5 a year I must have had 40 – 50 which is just … Insane.

It’s a hard task picking my favourites, but I’ve managed to select six which I love. Some of them are old faithfuls and others new additions I’m really liking currently.

Lush Cosmetics Christmas & Halloween haul

Bath & Shower

I’ve been excitedly awaiting the Lush Halloween and Christmas collection, but was a little disappointed after sneaking a peak at the US site and seeing some of my old favourites weren’t coming back this year (especially the Northern Lights bubble bar!).

However, when I saw on Instagram the collection was in-store, I took a slight detour after work and visited the newly refurbished Cardiff Lush store to check it out. Somewhat predictably, my disappointment soon vanished when I saw and smelled the new (and returning) products.

What was supposed to be picking up a pumpkin bubble bar quickly turned into a haul. I can’t wait to try all of these.