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So straight after my 1 year of blogging post where I state I’m going to write about anything I feel like from any topic … Here’s another post about lipstick. What can I say? I have a bit of an addiction and there are a further 5 I’ve bought recently which need their own moment on here.

If you are curious about my stance on the brand itself, I shared my feelings about Kylie Cosmetics in a separate post. I will be reviewing this product purely on it’s own merit, but would suggest reading the other post first to get a bit of background.

There’s been a lot of controversy about this shade, with customers reporting their bottles arrived half empty and that it was a particularly disappointing product for them. I’m happy to say mine arrived completely full and TL;DR I quite like it.

1 Year Of Blogging

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Today marks 1 year of blogging and I’ve been reflecting about the past year. I’m a perfectionist and pretty private person who overthinks everything. I’ve seen a lot of posts from other bloggers about their goals for the year and they usually involve their stats, maybe going to events or posting regularly but for me, I only had one; To not delete my blog.

I’m nearly 30 and more at peace with my idiosyncrasies than ever before but there’s no denying the way I think can make things like blogging and social media tricky. If I feel like something is outdated, or not as good as it could be I don’t like to have it around. That combined with feeling exposed or being ridiculously critical of myself means I’ve deleted and remade my social accounts more times than I can even remember.

A year later and despite feeling the urge on many occasions, I’ve not deleted my blog. I’ve struggled with seeing it as a progressive thing which I improve over time, wanted to completely start over and lived through the awkward feeling of ‘real life’ people finding it, but as time has passed it’s become a hobby I enjoy too much to part with.

My overactive mind isn’t content though and now my blog is firmly here to stay, my new challenge is trying not to overthink what I’m writing about.

My Honeymoon - Part 1

Travel Diary

I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I got back from my honeymoon and wedding in Iceland. I normally get over my post-holiday blues by looking at my photos but this time it was different. Getting married was so intense I spent the week which followed in a bit of a blur. After everyone left to go back to the UK I felt a strange sadness, as it meant our wedding day was over, but it did feel exciting to be embarking on our first adventure together as husband and wife.

3 Favourites - Antipodes Cleansers

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Antipodes are a brand I discovered through blogging. I was sent one of their serums and face masks to review which opened my eyes to organic skincare products. Prior to trying these I had a preconception that natural products wouldn’t be as effective, so was pleasantly surprised that after a month of using the Worship serum I noticed improvements to my skin, although I put some of that down in part to the fact I was using a serum at all.

Whilst I’ve since incorporated serums into my daily skincare routine (hello Pure HA Serum) at that time after trailing the product for my blog I stopped using the Worship serum on a regular basis. It’s fair to say that whilst I liked the products I had tried, I didn’t see Antipodes and natural products generally for contenders against some of my not-so-natural skincare favourites.

Well I’m willing to admit that I was totally wrong; One of my all time favourite products, Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, ran out three months ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. Instead I’ve been using only Antipodes cleansers and my skin has been the best it’s been in a year.

Brand Spotlight / Kylie Cosmetics

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So I’ve finally managed to get my hands on one of Kylie Jenner’s notorious liquid lipsticks and will be reviewing it soon. As I started my review I realised a lot of what I have to say is about the brand rather than the product and so I decided to split it out -hello new blog feature- and discuss the brand separately.

I’ll add here that I don’t hate Kylie Jenner or the Kardashians, I’ve seen every episode of KUWTK and still watch repeats. I’m stating this so it’s clear i’m not coming at this from the perspective of hating the Kardashian empire but I’m also not a crazed fangirl.

I’m just a girl with questionable tv tastes, £25 down, reflecting on my experience.

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

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NYX have been flying the flag for high-end quality in a drugstore -that sounds so American … High street? Well priced? Budget?- brand and after my recent lip product haul, I was excited to finally try the Lingerie liquid matte lipsticks. I’ve read pretty much nothing but positive reviews and thought they would be my next favourite matte liquid lip but sadly I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed with the Lingerie formula.

Summer Claws Fit For A Queen With Truebrit London

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I feel we’ve got to know each other quite well, so now is probably a good point to confess my secret love of all things royal. I’m not joking, I have a minor obsession.

The royal wedding was like a dream for me. Three of my favourite things: Kate Middleton, Alexander McQueen and weddings (Well, back when they were a mythical thing and not something I actually had to plan myself) combined … I shed a tear. If I could, I swear I would be one of those old people camping out for days outside the hospital with the little British flags when the Prince and Princesses are born. Despite living just over the bridge and having been to London countless times over the course of my life for work and fun, last year I dragged A to London to do the whole tourist thing and we went to see the crown jewels and palace. I’ve since developed a strong desire to carry a scepter and get a pet raven, but I digress.

Imagine my excitement when I receive these gorgeous boxes in the post from Truebrit London *, a quintessentially British brand who are striving to set new standards of luxury for your claws.

Life Lately #2 / Disney, Lip Fillers & The Beach

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So it’s been five months I said I was going to start posting little updates, oops. Beauty posts are probably my favourite to write but I find lifestyle posts are my favourite to read and watch. People can be blogging and vlogging on a professional level and I’ll still always subconsciously be more interested in a video they’ve filmed whilst wondering around a city or their iPhone photos from a day out. I think this is partially why I’m addicted to Snapchat, it’s really interesting to see people’s real lives.

I’m going to make an effort to post more lifestyle updates, although sadly my adult life is filled largely with work, housework and abstaining from things I love like pizza. This month has been hectic especially returning to work after almost a month off, but the nice weather has made returning to normal life more tolerable.

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